What is the nutritional content of this meal--calories, saturated fats, sugar, and protein. Thx.

Colu Henry's Fusilli Alfredo
Recipe question for: Colu Henry's Fusilli Alfredo


cranberry March 12, 2017
This is a site where you have to be happy you got an awesome recipe, and do whatever extra calculations you want yourself, whether it's to measure by weight instead of volume, or figuring out the nutritional information. You are welcome to attach that information in the comments if you figure it out, and also to attach it to any recipe you submit. Perhaps if you do it a lot, others will follow suit - if it's an issue to enough people.
Nancy March 11, 2017
For a one-time inquiry or general home use, you can plug the ingredients into various on-line (free) nutrition calculators and come up with your own data - especially easy for this recipe, which has only a handful of ingredients.
See links here
There are also software packages for more commercial or professional calculating, making nutrition labels, etc.
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