Adding "Nutritional Notes" notes to your recipies would make Food52 PERFECT amd !!

Nutritional notes as in: energy in calories; protein in grams; carbohydrates in grams and of which sugars; fats in grams and of which saturates; cholesterol in mg; calcium in mg; fibre in grams; sodium in grams would be this the best recipe collection in the world. So many of us need to adjust recipes here and there especially for health reasons. Please consider doing this from now on or from the beginning. Thank you, Clarisa in Australia PS Sorry of course you would need the US equivalents of the quantities as well. Good luck with the coming elections xx

Clarisa Barua


Lori T. November 3, 2020
You ask a lot for something that is freely provided from multiple sources. Most of the recipes are posted by home cooks, not nutritionists. There are internet sites that offer a nutritional analysis calculator, as well as measurement conversions. So if you really want the information, you can obtain it. It just may take a little effort on your part, that's all.
Clarisa B. November 1, 2020
Please edit my title by taking away the "amd'. Thank you.
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