I live in Ohio where online can I order the best fresh fish?

Teresa Kranjec


Jan W. March 15, 2017
Maybe consider Wholey Seafood in Pittsburgh? Depending on what part of Ohio you're in they're very close by. I think they offer $10 flat-rate shipping in the entire Northeast/Great Lakes & most of the Southeast, and free shipping for over $200. Wholey is probably the most renowned fish & seafood wholesale/retail in the area and my family used to buy from them when we lived there. https://wholey.com/
ChefJune March 13, 2017
Depends upon what fish or shellfish you want to order. I've had great service and quality from thecrabplace.com, lobsteranywhere.com, Alaska fisheries.
inpatskitchen March 12, 2017
Ordering fish and seafood online can be extremely expensive. Are you anywhere near a Whole Foods Market? The one in my area will try to get me the fish that I like and I only have to order a one pound minimum!
MMH March 12, 2017
MMH March 12, 2017
I live in Omaha & have been ordering from Great Alaska for 10 years. They overnight FedEx free for 8#. Sign up for their email specials which are outstanding. You know where it's coming from. It's not farmed and you can talk to them on the phone. Better than guessing what's behind the counter.
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