Have you cooked from Taste of Persia by Naomi Duguid? What are your favorite recipes? Least favorite?

My friends and I (inspired by this year's Piglet) are throwing a couple cookbook parties using some of the books that were nominated--everyone makes one or two recipes and then we come together and feast.. Our first book is Taste of Persia by Naomi Duguid.

We read the Piglet reviews, but would love to hear if anyone in the community has cooked from this book...favorite recipes? Or ones that just didn't work?

Asha Loupy


Gregory M. May 29, 2017
A Taste of Persia is the focus of the July 2017 Houston Chowhounds Cook the Book event series. I'll follow up with what dishes we liked. Nearly all the recipes we tried from her book Burma: Rivers of Flavor were great.
Greenstuff March 14, 2017
The classic chicken pomegranate walnut stew is excellent, but it's better if you add with some additional pomegranate molasses and also better the second day.
Asha L. March 15, 2017
Thanks! That recipe is on our list for sure.
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