Scotch Eggs

I will be at a pot-luck lunch on Easter and I am toying with the idea of trying these for the occasion instead of my standard deviled eggs. It sounds like they can be baked instead of fried. I can bake at my hostess's house but frying. sounds like a bit much. The other issue, would there be a problem in prepping these in the morning and then transporting for onsite baking maybe 3 hours later? Cooking on site seems like a better idea than cooking and reheating. Any thoughts or favorite recipes? I see quite a few here. I can give these a test run the week before once I have a plan/recipe.



caninechef March 20, 2017
Lots of opinions but not much consensus, maybe because Scotch eggs are good no matter what. I think I will have to do some experimentation. Whether they make it for Easter or not I am sure this group will enjoy them at some point. This is not a fancy Easter lunch affair, the highlight of the day is the dogs searching for their Easter eggs, which they promptly eat. I always bring the eggs for the dogs which has evolved into me bringing eggs for the human lunch as well.
kath1 March 19, 2017
I have never had a hot scotch egg, that is a revolting concept and I used to cook them in school kitchen. I cannot imagine they are very nice baked either, which is probably why they'd be served hot in that case. Fried scotch egg served room temp is nicest.
nancy March 18, 2017
To be frank, I have not had a baked Scotch egg that stands up in any way to a fried one. Prep in the morning or night before, fry at home just before leaving. They can stay warm insulated with a towel and/or placed in a warm oven on arrival.
Nancy March 18, 2017
Some recipes call for them to be served hot, but I remember seeing them in a lot of pubs at room temp (as Nancy Essig has mentioned), for easy snacking.
I think it would be messy and possibly difficult to cook them onsite.
Better to do at home, bring, then either reheat or serve at room temp.
You can serve them plain, with one sauce or a choice of sauces.
Sam1148 March 18, 2017
I always bake mine. I'd prep them up the bread crumb coating and do that on site. But I see 3 hours...that should be fine prepped and transported cooked.
That said....I'd rather have deviled eggs at a Easter pot luck.
Well, unless they have keg of Guinness.
nancy E. March 18, 2017
Scotch eggs are not meant to be eaten hot specifically. They are a great take along snack and room temoerature is delicious. I would fry them at home and bring to the party. Everyone will love them
Lindsay-Jean H. March 17, 2017
Via Twitter Cathy Barrow suggested these tiny ones:
caninechef March 17, 2017
Don't think I will be dealing with quail eggs but thanks for the informative article.
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