Can you zest a Clementine? I'm making chocolate-orange Madeleines, which I've done before (they're basically amazing), but I don't have any normal oranges on hand and I'm not sure what Clementine zest will taste like.



Holly P. May 3, 2019
I would love that recipe, I'm in love with madelines, even bought the pan
innoabrd February 13, 2011
Definately, I use it all the time!
Merrill S. February 12, 2011
We did it this week for the clementine pound cake: Delicious.
cookeatread February 12, 2011
Yup! It's easier to zest cold fruit so you might want to stick them in the fridge first. (It's easier to juice room temperature, though.)
Savorykitchen February 12, 2011
Agree - it's yummy, and to my taste, more interesting than orange. The only thing to watch for when you're zesting is to go lightly and not go too far into the pith. The zesty layer is much thinner and the skin can rip pretty quickly if you're overzealous (voice of experience here).
nutcakes February 12, 2011
Yes, use it--it's lovely. Think tangerine zest.
hardlikearmour February 12, 2011
Yep. Tastes a bit more tangeriny, but similar to orange zest.
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