My toaster oven is developing rust around the edges. Is this harmful to whatever I cook inside'

I am looking to replace my toaster oven because it is roasing around the interior edges. Is it safe to use in the meantime?



Chocolate B. March 20, 2017
Adele Davis, a quite well-known healthy diet advocate in the 60's and 70's, suggested that using a rusty (presumably carbon steel or cast iron) frying pan was a good thing since it adds some iron to whatever you cook. No warranties express or implied!
scruz March 20, 2017
i live near the coast and it is quite humid all around. the outside of my refrigerator has rust spots throughout the white exterior. i also think any damage...a blow with something hard or using a somewhat harsh cleaning solution...might weaken the painted or porcelain surface to where rust can attack. rust on the exterior, and even interior, shouldn't be cause for concern. rust is just oxidation of the metal, somewhat like a cut apple turning brown. it doesn't leak any harmful atoms nor does rust equal germs or bacteria. it is the oxidation of a material. i wouldn't worry at all.
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