I'd like to bake a layered chocolate brownie pie using sweetened cream cheese and cherry pie filling in the middle but want to make sure it cooks thor

Temperature to bake it at using a toaster oven, and for how long in a rectangle small dark nonstick coated bread pan



AntoniaJames March 3, 2022
This is an interesting question. I've never seen or heard of a brownie pie with cream cheese, but a quick Google search revealed several, including one by a well-known food manufacturing company that sells boxed brownie mixes. To answer your question, I would stir a very small amount of confectioners sugar into the cream cheese (at room temperature) and then gently stir the cherry pie filling into that, swirling it and not mixing too much, to keep the filling from becoming too pink. I'd also focus on getting cherries into that mix, without much of the rest of the filling, to keep it from being too liquid-y.

Do you have a recipe for brownie pie? It seems that the best order of operations is to prepare the pie crust and put it into the pie pan, prepare the cream cheese filling, make and pour half of the brownie batter into it, dollop on the softened cream cheese and cherry filling, pour on the rest of the brownie batter, and bake 40 - 50 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit. ;o)
Nancy February 27, 2022
If I understand rightly that you want to have top and bottom chocolate brownie and sweet-cream with cherry pie in the middle, I would
• bake only the brownie parts
• cool them
• assemble the whole thing (using either canned cherry pie filling or homemade, cooked and cooled at least to room temp)
• chill all for a few hours or overnight.
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