I am serving a Sunday supper to friends tomorrow with an Italian menu - Pappardelle with the Pork Sugo from this site, herbed garlic bread and a tricolore salad with a lemony vinaigrette, and my Bergamot olive oil ice cream for dessert. Will have red wine for the table. One of my guests is pregnant, and another abstaining from alcohol for Lent. Any ideas for non alcoholic beverages that would go with the menu? I'm a sparkling water girl myself, but something more festive for guests would be a treat. Thanks!

Emily | Cinnamon&Citrus


BerryBaby March 25, 2017
I love to serve sparkling water in champagne flutes with a thin slice of lime, lemon or orange. I've become fond of flavored vinegars added to sparkling water but this can be an acquired taste.
Nancy March 25, 2017
A couple ideas...
Iced Earl Grey tea (picking up on your Bergamot note), topped up with soda & garnished with slices of blood orange.
Sparkling grape juice, served in champagne flutes with classic ģarnish (snall sugar cube doused with Angostura bitters)
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