I would like to make this recipe into a sheet cake (two or three layers). What do you suggest in terms of doubling/tripling the recipe and size o...

...f pans to use

Emily Stapley
Pink Champagne Cake
Recipe question for: Pink Champagne Cake


Emily S. March 26, 2017
I was planning to make three 9x13" cakes to make one rectangular three layered cake. I think if I double this recipe and divide the batter between the three pans, it should be just about right...?
Nancy March 26, 2017
The original recipe calls for baking in three round layer pans 8" diameter. Each can hold about 12 cups.
Sheet pan volune is about 25-30 cups.
So, make a double recipe & the layer might be a less deep than from the 8' pan.
Not clear from your question if you want to cut one sheet pan cake so it makes a 2-3 layer rectangular cake or bake 2-3 sheet pans and make a large layered rectangular cake.

Nancy March 26, 2017
Should read 8" pan (not 8').
Nancy March 26, 2017
Typing while sleepy.
Each 8" diam pan holds 4c, so original cake was 12c.
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