I left a vacuumed sausage, still in wrapper in my car for about a month with temps of 100F, but the wrapper looks normal. Is it still good?

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The wrapped sausage was also kept in a thick cardboard box, gift box that doesn't seem to retain much heat on the inside.
My question is that if the plastic appears to not have melted in any fashion, would any carcinogens from the plastic have sept into the sausage? It essentially looks identical to when it was purchased.

I only ask, because this is expensive sausage I forgot about.

Patrick Correll


Maedl April 2, 2017
Is this an April fool's joke?
Smaug April 2, 2017
I would throw away the sausage and eat the wrapper. "Sept" is a word the world has long awaited.
BerryBaby April 2, 2017
Personally, I wouldn't chance it. No matter how it is packaged being in 100 degrees for any length of time is risky IMO. I'd toss it. The cost isn't worth the risk,
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