Still waiting on your Cuisinart replacement blades?

Hi all—I've been seeing some reports floating around online of people who ordered Cuisinart replacement blades following last December's recall ( and have yet to receive their replacement blades four months later. Has anyone else run into this trouble?

Mayukh Sen


louisez July 3, 2017
Finally got mine in June. Happily adjusting to using it again.
Blair July 3, 2017
I'm still waiting. I was told a few months ago that it would arrive in June, and when I emailed them 6/30, I got a response that they were still on back-order and therefore they didn't have any to send out. I have to admit this is rather frustrating, as I've been waiting 6 months now, and there's been no progress.
Ellen April 17, 2017
I received a replacement blade that didn't fit! They did not seem at all surprised when I finally reached someone by phone.
I have no idea when/if I will see another one.
Ellen July 3, 2017
Still haven't!! No word after I sent back the incorrect one:/
HapppyBee April 15, 2017
Still waiting on mine too. Filed the claim in December. I have received a couple of emails saying thanks for my patience too. No blade yet, however.
witloof April 12, 2017
I haven't. I did get an email a couple of months ago saying it could be shipped any time between 2/20 and 5/8, so they have another month to make good on their promise.
stephanieb April 12, 2017
I am still waiting! I had an email confirmation, and then one follow up. Since then, nothing.
Bevi April 12, 2017
I submitted in December and just received my replacement blade last week. I did email and also called at some point in February. I think Conair needed to replace over 9 million blades. Note: if you bought your Cuisinart at Costco, you should be able to take it back and replace with a new machine.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 11, 2017
Me! I submitted in December and am still waiting.
cookbookchick July 4, 2017
Me too!
Tryumph April 11, 2017
I contacted them in early December. I checked back in February after no response, and they asked that I be patient. I again contacted them the end of March and they said it would be shipped the end of June. That's 7 months. But, they said I could use all the other blades. Maybe I should try shredding some hummus.
stacy April 11, 2017
I got mine right away, within a couple weeks if I remember
Evan April 11, 2017
Got an email in early February that said "We estimate that your blade could be shipped any time between 2/20/2017-5/8/2017" and I (somewhat surprisingly) received it in early March.
schuylersister April 11, 2017
Oh, yeah. I've gotten a couple of emails from Cuisinart asking for my patience, and that the replacements were still being manufactured. I started using mine again a couple of months ago. Needs must! Gotta make that zhoug, gotta process that beet dip.
Courtney C. April 11, 2017
I have - I called in January and they told me it would take two weeks. I haven't called again, but was going to try to go through the recall process once more. I'm still using my processor - I got tired of waiting.
Courtney C. April 17, 2017
Mine came on Friday :-)
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