Trying to duplicate garlic lemon butter wine sauce for shrimp but can't figure out what causes the sauce to NOT coagulate when cold..HELP.

Called the place that makes the sauce and tried to find out all the ingredients but all they would tell me was that it had the title ingredients of garlic, lemon and butter and after some prodding, found out that it also had wine. Have attempted to duplicate this sauce several times and know that they are NOT telling me all the ingredients. The sauce has a darker color than what I get with merely those ingredients (tried Worcestershire sauce and that made it come closer in color and taste) but the fact remains that their sauce never coagulates as a butter sauce normally does when cold and has more of an opaque color and thicker consistency than a mere garlic butter lemon wine sauce. Any suggestions as to the missing ingredients would be greatly appreciated.

Christine Vichi
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1 Comment

drbabs December 24, 2016
This is a guess. They may be using a mixture of butter and vegetable oil. And they might be thickening it with a roux or cornstarch. However, if you like the taste of your home made version, why not use it? You don't have to hold large quantities for service. You can make what you need.
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