What are some of the things I can do with an eggplant besides grilling or sauteing? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by: Allykat
  • September 16, 2010


melissav September 18, 2010
I sometimes saute cubed eggplant and add it to my bolognese sauce. It is delicious.
wickstopher September 18, 2010
This baba ganouj recipe is THE BEST.

betteirene September 18, 2010
I vote for ratatouille. Make a big batch and divide it into thirds. The first night, eat it as a side dish. The second night, when the flavors have blended and mellowed, serve it atop pasta and sprinkle it with parm-reg, asiago, romano or mozzarella. The third night, use it as a pizza topping, or on Italian sausage sandwiches smothered with mozzarella and toasted.
birdiegirl September 17, 2010
I second the soup idea. It makes a wonderful base...add it to some chicken stock with sauteed zucchini, tomatoes, onion and fresh herbs. Makes a great ratatouille soup! You can also make baba ganoush
TheWimpyVegetarian September 17, 2010
I roast them, squeeze the liquid from them and make roasted eggplant soup with them.
pamelabee September 17, 2010
I cube and then steam mine. It keeps the flavour intact, and doesn't require ridiculous amounts of oil. Sometimes I'll steam it, and then throw it in a pan with some garlic, shallots, and spices and do a kinda steam/stir fry thing. Also delicious!
Kitchen B. September 17, 2010
Hummus, just pop pricked whole aubergines in the oven and roast at 180 for an hour. Once done, let cool and blitz with olive oil, lemon j, scooped roasted aubergine flesh, salt, pepper for an easy dip. I often batch roast them and refrigerate then use them one at a time when I need to. Keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge
swshipman September 17, 2010
Don't have the recipe, but Il Matto, a new Italian restaurant in Tribeca, uses the eggplant as a puff pastry substitute for millefoglie! It was terrific. I am sure a call to Matteo, the chef owner, would be greeted with kindness.
healthierkitchen September 17, 2010
this Melissa Clark recipe is fantastic if you like lamb with your eggplant:

pierino September 16, 2010
Ratatouille comes to mind; where you cook each of the components in separate pans. But you can also use it baked and incorporated into a filling for ravioli/tortelli pasta.
katiebakes September 16, 2010
eggplant parmesan is fabulous! I also like to grill, roast, or pan fry sliced eggplant, and then make a sandwich using it along with wheat buns, chevre, and roasted red peppers. Slice thin longways, broil, spread with chevre, top with basil, and roll up for a yummy light meal or appetizer. And too, it is great in lasagna.
pauljoseph September 16, 2010
try this curried eggplant bake http://www.food52.com/recipes/6551_baked_curried_aubergine
barryvest214 September 16, 2010
Slice thin longways and replace them for lasagna noodles.
allie September 16, 2010
I make a medley of roasted veggies - cubed eggplant, summer squashes, red onion, sliced garlic, grape tomatoes, cubbed pepper - lots of salt, pepper, some olive oil and maybe one herb. It's wonderful warm or cold.
julesstonesoup September 16, 2010
I love just baking eggplant halves in the oven like this:
much less oil and super simple
aargersi September 16, 2010
I have made this a slew of times and it absolutely rocks - I end up eating half the baked eggplant slices before they get "parmesaned" so make a lot ...

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