Slicing things (eggplant, bread, etc.) evenly

I am not good at slicing items into even, right-sized slices, be it an eggplant, a loaf of bread, even zucchini. Anyone have tips for even slicing or know of a gadget that can help? Thanks

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • August 21, 2017


Uncle J. August 28, 2017
I use this:
Its very sharp and the width of the cut is adjustable. The 'fence' on the right makes the very bottom of the bread a little awkward to slice, but you soon develop the wrist motion it needs. It is also marketed under the name Magna Food Slicer. It slices very consistently and is much safer than a mandoline.
PHIL August 22, 2017
I use a mandolin as Pierino suggested for veggies. For Bread I like a long serrated knife, a short knife will just shred the bread. If you want perfect slices, put a piece of masking tape along the edge of the cutting board and mark off the slice thickness with a ruler, line up the bread and slice or buy this...
Beth August 21, 2017
I would say " practice makes perfect" but that's annoying lol.

There are mandolins that cut food evenly, however they are rather dangerous to use. The guards can slip It's very easy to get a deep cut. So use caution, and maybe a chainmail glove.

there are cutting boards with dimensions printed on them. That way you can visually see what a 1/4" slice looks like.

Also having a sharp knife that fits comfortably in your hand and a cutting surface that is at a comfortable height for your stature helps.

I also put a damp cloth under my board so nothing slips around.

You can also cut the item so there is a flat edge, nothing more challenging and dangerous then chasing wobbly veg around the board.

I would also suggest going to a high end kitchen store and having them teach you proper grips and technique. I would say that having proper technique will make the biggest difference.

Sorry for the long answer, Hope it helps! Good luck and keep those fingers curled so avoid an accident
DebJ August 21, 2017
Great info and advice... for as long as I have been cooking, I have never mastered this. I'll look for a class... Thank you.
Nancy August 21, 2017
Same idea as Beth.
Take a class...basic knife skills...available at kitchen equip stores, cooking schools, technical colleges. Especially gearing up after labor day.
You'll gain new skills, meet interesting people and often get a discount on new knives or sharpening services.
pierino August 21, 2017
If you really want uniform slices of eggplant or zucchini etc, you can't top the mandolin. You can use it for French fries and waffle cut potatoes. Not useful for bread though. Buy a French one such as DeBuyer.
BerryBaby August 21, 2017
Grocery store bakeries will slice whole loafs for you. What most important in slicing is uding the right knife and a well-sharpened knife,
DebJ August 21, 2017
Thanks, I'll look into the knives. It's homemade bread that I'm slicing... I'll keep on practicing.
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