Angel Food Cake frosting

My husband's grandmother used to add a very light frosting to her angel food cake. It was amazing. And unfortunately do not have a recipe. It had a texture that makes me think it was made with granulated sugar or would harden slightly while we waited for it to be served. I really want to recreate it, it can't seem to find a recipe like it. Help!

  • Posted by: Elena
  • April 23, 2017


C S. April 23, 2017
In the 60's and 70''s I visited a family that often served angel food cake - it was frosted with a very simple confectioner's sugar frosting, mixed maybe with water, or milk, but with no fat, so it would harden up. It was light, almost like a glaze and usually lightly sprinkled with with colored sprinkles as both the cake and the frosting were white.
Elena April 23, 2017
I will have to try this! His grandma stopped making pies and such later in life because it became too hard on her hands and wrists. She still insisted on making us angel food cake (and ignored that it was most likely from a box now) because she always made the frosting. I have to think it had to be this simple. Thank you!
Nancy April 23, 2017
Try some web searches using as much info as you have, e.g.,
* what was in the frosting besides granulated sugar
* was it a boiled frosting or just mixed?
* what decade(s) did your husband's grandmother flourish, as they say in academic research
* what part of the country did she grow up in and/or live in?
* search old American cookbooks like Fannie Farmer, Settlement, early editions of Joy of Cooking and community cookbooks (Junior League, church or community fundraisers, etc).
Good luck & please let us know what you find.
PS Food historians, cookbook authors or critics might be able to point you in the right dircection. E.g., Molly O'Neill, Mimi Sheraton, Phyllis Richman, Jeffrey Steingarten.
PieceOfLayerCake April 23, 2017
I generally use whipped cream or 7 minute frosting. Is it meringue-y or buttercream-y?
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