My "downfall" is bread, and I'm not a baker, so is it ok to halve this recipe

  • Posted by: Erin
  • April 28, 2017


Stephanie B. April 28, 2017
Yes, go ahead and halve the recipe if you're not comfortable making enough for two loaves. As someone who only recently got the hang of bread, I can relate. After I messed up a similar, no knead, (supposedly) stupid simple recipe, I had a friend basically coach me over facebook messenger. If you're interested in getting better at bread, his advice to me was 1) get The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. There's a free pdf version online, but if you get the bread baking bug, it's absolutely worth it to buy his book 1) Skip the all purpose flour, and use bread flour. It really makes a difference.
Nancy April 30, 2017
Yes, and.
Once you get the hang of making bread, abd if you like a recipe, it's worth making more than you can eat.
Most loaves freeze beautifully, as shaped dough or baked, so you get future bread from the same time and effort.
Good luck!
Erin May 2, 2017
Thank You! for the info. I have no doubt I could easily munch thru 2 loaves...and my thighs would thank me (!)
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