I noticed that the recipe on the website calls for the dough to be split into two bowls, but the video shows it being baked as one loaf in a dutch...

... oven. I would like to try this in my dutch oven. Do I need to adjust the ingredients, temp or cooking time

Kate Vacarelli


Kristen M. February 25, 2018
H Kate, check out Poppygold's helpful comments on the recipe page—she doesn't split the dough and just lets it double in size in the pot before baking: https://food52.com/recipes/69714-alexandra-stafford-s-no-knead-peasant-bread#comments
Kate V. February 25, 2018
Thanks! I seem to have missed that in the comments. Huge help!
Marcia H. April 7, 2020
Where? I’ve looked and looked and I don’t see this. I had the same question.
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