Any special tips for convection ovens? Reduce cook time?



Barcham December 25, 2018
It depends on your convection oven. I have an old Panasonic Dimension 4 combo microwave/convection oven that can be used in convection mode alone but the convection fan is at the TOP of the oven, not the back as in most convection ovens. The problem with this is that while I get a great rise out of any baked goods, the bottom tends to be under cooked and doughy when the top is done. I'd advise doing some tests in your particular oven with reducing time or temperature to see what works best for you.
ChefJune February 1, 2018
Most convection ovens' instructions suggest lowering the heat by 25-35 degrees and going with the stated bake time, OR reducing the baking time by a percentage. I have found better success reducing the oven temp.
Drjenniferhill February 1, 2018
Perfect! Thank you!
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