While the first rise is always good, I never get a successful second rise despite following the directions carefully. I’m stumped.

Marcia Hecht


Coral L. April 8, 2020
Hi Marcia! It may be that a) you are deflating the dough slightly too much as you divide it, b) you need to keep the bread in an extra-warm/loving spot of the kitchen, or c) the 2nd rise simply won't be as spectacular as the first because each dough half is smaller.
Marcia H. April 10, 2020
I tried putting all the dough in a single small Dutch oven as shown in the video. The second rise was....ok, but not great. If the second rise is if necessity smaller when the dough is divided between bowls, which makes sense, the recipe is kind of mislead when it tells me the second rise should crown above the rim of the bowl.
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