Is there any other meat I can sub for the duck? I can't get readily get that here. This recipe sounds so good I am hoping I can re-re imagine it!...


  • Posted by: Nancy
  • April 30, 2017
Duck Meatballs à L’Orange
Recipe question for: Duck Meatballs à L’Orange


QueenSashy April 30, 2017
Nancy, you can use chicken (dark meat) and turkey too. If you are using turkey, I suggest subbing about third of the meat with finely chopped bacon to make it more moist. I do it all the time and they are wonderful.
Nancy April 30, 2017
Thanks so much for answering. I will be continuing to source the duck but am going to make this with your suggestions!
amysarah April 30, 2017
I'd also use ground turkey, with part ground pork mixed in (maybe 1/3 or so,) since duck is fattier and has a richer flavor than turkey.
Nancy April 30, 2017
Agree with Lisanne about recommending a poultry substitute for duck in that meatball recipe.
But/and. There are many lamb-orange recipes already made and evaluated by other cooks...maybe try one of them if you like that flavor combination
*Lamb and orange tagine
Lamb stew with orange and fennel (this one by Diana Henry, who was featured two or three times this April answering questions here)
Lamb Khoresh Stew with Orange (by Chocolate and Zucchini, a very good Paris blogger)
Nancy April 30, 2017
Thanks to everyone for the fast answers! I am continuing to try to get the duck but meantime will try it with these suggestions!
creamtea April 30, 2017
That recipe does sound delicious. I would go with another poultry, especially ground chicken for example. Chicken with orange sauce is delicious too.
Nancy April 30, 2017
Thank you for the fast answer!
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