Can you put dried fruits in. I love granola with dried apricots, cherries etc

  • Posted by: Robin
  • May 1, 2017


Robin May 1, 2017
Full question didn't post. Can this granola be made with dried fruits mentioned above or will it prevent it from clumping. If yes do you have a recommendation on how much to add. I've 1 cup. Thanks
Matilda L. May 1, 2017
I would add the dried fruit after the granola cooks and cools, otherwise the fruit will be rock hard. My mother would even add the fruit only before serving (but she neither makes nor eats granola, she just thinks granola and fruit shouldn't mingle long-term, for both their sakes.) I've been making homemade granola for over a decade--I have this recipe earmarked for the next time!
Kristen M. May 1, 2017
I agree with Matilda. Also, Alanna has a variation posted on her blog with diced candied ginger in which she adds the ginger at the end and sticks the pan back in the (turned-off) oven to warm through. She lets it sit there for a few hours or overnight to dry out the ginger but with dried fruit I'd take it out much sooner if you want the fruit to stay chewy.

p.s. In the original article, I linked back to a number of variations from Alanna's blog, if you're curious:
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