Hummus dip substitute with no beans?

My mom is on a strict FODMAP diet because of IBS and she can't eat any kind of beans. Hummus is a big part of her daily diet and I'd love to make her a replacement. She also can't have onions, garlic, or gluten. Ideas?



Erika H. May 19, 2020
Luckily, canned (not fresh) chickpeas are low in FODMAP in serving sizes of up to ½ cup. While sitting in the cans, some of the FODMAPs that are in these beans transfer to the water (FODMAPs are water-soluble). You can use a drizzle of garlic-infused olive oil on top of your low FODMAP hummus (try to give it that extra zing that will help it capture that same taste.
ktr May 4, 2017
I have not made this recipe, but I've had good luck with every other recipe I've tried from this site.
Beet hummus:
MMH May 4, 2017
Our gastroenterologist recommended The same diet. If she can tolerate dairy you can puree cottage cheese as a base for all kinds of flavors.
creamtea May 4, 2017
romesco sauce (roasted red bell pepper), toasted hazelnuts, fresh parsley, salt, black pepper, red-wine vinegar and olive oil)

and this scrumptious Portuguese red-pepper paste from Genius Recipes, nothing better than this stuff! :

luvcookbooks May 4, 2017
Carrot hummus from Diana Henry's Simple.
Nancy May 3, 2017
What does she eat the hummus for? If spread, dip or mostly snack, various in addition to eggplant & pomegranate already mentioned, like artichoke spead, pesto, tzatziki (all custom nade w/o offending ingredients).
If for protein, consider egg salad, slow roasted meat as sandwiches or in gravy, fish spreads like those made from mackerel or whitefish.
jessicamclement May 3, 2017
Another dip that's really wonderful is muhammara. It's made with red peppers, walnuts, bread crumbs (which I'm sure could be substituted with a GF version), and pomegranate molasses. Most recipes involve garlic, but you can take it out. I often eat it alongside hummus, and I think they would be good substitutes! Ottolenghi has a nice recipe.
Sam1148 May 3, 2017
Babaganoush. Made with eggplant. However tahini paste is on the 'no list'.
Is this a diet a doctor recommended? Like a real MD and not a Mountain Doctor, like Granny?
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