I want to make Dorie Greenspan's lucky charm brownies but I don't have a food processor. Was thinking I could crush the amaretti by hand (or by ro...

...lling pin and bag) and use almond meal and then proceed with the rest in a stand mixer. Any tips

Elle Tee
Lucky Charm Brownies
Recipe question for: Lucky Charm Brownies


Dorie G. May 4, 2017
Hi Elle! The Lucky Charms Brownies are made with an odd batter - it's more emulsified than mixed or beaten, which is why the food processor is the ideal tool. I've never tried the recipe with a stand mixer, but if you decide to, I'd make sure that the amaretti are very finely crushed and I'd use almond meal/flour instead of the slivered almonds. I'd beat the butter on its own for a long time until it's almost the consistency of mayonnaise and then I'd add the eggs and proceed with the recipe, beating for longer than the direx for doing this in a processor. Use the leaf/paddle attachment and, when the batter is done, rap the bowl against the counter a few times. If you make the brownies, let me know how it goes - Dorie
Elle T. May 4, 2017
Thank you, Dorie! This makes sense. I will try it this way when I make tomorrow and will leave a comment under the recipe. I think this is the year I really need to get a food pro.
PS I'm a big fan! Have made the Korova cookies about 1,000 times. :-)
PieceOfLayerCake May 3, 2017
If you used fine almond meal and the REALLY bashed the amaretti....it should work. For good measure, combine everything in the mixer and just run it on low speed for a few minutes to really make sure its blended. I'll do that with brown sugar that's a little lumpy sometimes.
Elle T. May 4, 2017
Great tips, thank you! I will use the extra finely ground almond meal for sure. (Now I just have to stop myself from eating the amaretti before I make the brownies. ;-)
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