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Any ideas for a great source for buying high quality scrapple? I need an online source that will send it to the West Coast. I grew up eating scrapple and I love it, as odd as that may seem to some. Thank you! ;o)

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asked over 6 years ago
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added over 6 years ago

I love scrapple and I have no connection to Pennsylvania. But I'll eat sausage in all its forms right up to and including haggis. I used to be able to find it in the "frozen breakfast aisle" at Safeway but I haven't seen it for awhile. Possibly because I was the only one buying it. I'll try to see what my radar reveals.

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added over 6 years ago

Okay, I was standing at the stove, stirring something this morning, thinking about scrapple and how it's nothing more than a finely ground, well-seasoned sausage with cornmeal in it, and probably cooked polenta style to get that cuttable consistency. So I pulled down my well-thumbed 1977 edition of "Stocking Up," an invaluable Rodale Press (the original organic everything people) resource, and there was a recipe! I had to chuckle when I read it. I don't know what recipe was used by the people who made the scrapple I ate as a girl, but the seasoning list includes some of my favorite herbs and spices -- marjoram, bay, sage and nutmeg. No wonder I love the stuff! I can't post the recipe due to copyright restrictions, but will pass it on to anyone who contacts me individually via the site, consistent with the "fair use" doctrine. I would though still, incidentally, be interested in buying some, if anyone knows any sources. Thank you. ;o)

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added almost 2 years ago

AntoniaJames, My parents used to make it when I was a child. My mother had grown up on a farm in Michigan, where her mother made it routinely. When she made it for us, it was long before the age of food processors, so she used a blender. It's one of my favorite young memories of Sunday mornings.

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added over 6 years ago

they also sell it in the frozen section of my Ralphs (if you're in socal)

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added over 6 years ago

Wellshire Farms makes Scrapple. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

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added over 5 years ago - they are based on west coast, and you can order online!

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