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High Quality SANDWICH Pocket Maker? For Kids after school and soccer :)

I am looking to purchase a great quality sandwich press-the kind that seals in the edges. Every great one I find & read about is Australian (*jaffle* sandwich), and the plug/outlet can't be used in the US! (Breville Toastie, 1979 Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie). The US ones seem to be really low quality. Im just not sure what to choose that is nice enough. I don't want to give a cheap gift, I would love Food52 Quality!! I am not looking for a big interchangeable one. Just something nice. Not a panini press/grill . Thank you for your help!!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • November 12, 2021


MMH November 12, 2021
Im just trying to understand what you are looking for. So you are looking for an electrical device that will seal the “loose” edges of a sandwich. Is that right?
Emily November 13, 2021
Yes! exactly —a nice quality sandwich pocket maker!
MMH November 13, 2021
Still trying to help you here. Seems like if you cant find it for sale in the US there must not be any demand for this sort of thing because in this age there is always a way. But having just raised a child to 21 I cant imagine why I would have wanted this or why I would want to crowd my kitchen with some device like this. Maybe better a cookbook with recipes for empanadas &quesadillas , & calzones which would allow your giftee to choose the menu & not clutter up the kitchen with a device they may not use. And especially cool for children are some cookbooks which have accompany the recipes with information about those cultures.
HalfPint November 12, 2021
Couldn't you use an adapter for the plug like this one?

Emily November 13, 2021
i thought about that but it’s for a gift and young boys dealing with that didn’t seem like the best idea either!! i may break down and do it though if i can’t find one. Hoping Food52 will source me a lifeline !!!
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