help i have husbands birthday party coming up and dont know what to cook as a good meal

i havae my husbands birthday coming up in a week and dont know what to cook meal wise reminder i am a newly wed and this is first time im cooking for a crowd of people it is a birthday dinner/lunch being at 2pm. any pointers is greatly appreciated i already got the cake squared away and salad but need help with all other parts of the dinner except drinks as well. he said he wanted something to do with steak or seafood??? helpp please any advice is accepted



MMH May 11, 2017
Whether you are inexperienced or not, Ina Garten says to plan to cook one thing well and not to be ashamed of serving preprepared items. That way you are also free to entertain and enjoy the party. I'd ask a good friend to help (and give you some confidence). Then, pick something you really like to eat, serve and feel comfortable preparing. Have fun!
PHIL May 10, 2017
Sorry, I meant to add rice and beans too. I like to toast the tortillas on the stove a little too. The set up takes a bit of time but you can get a lot done ahead of time. and the steak and shrimp cook quickly. I usually do this for Father's day when I have about 20. Most people like Mexican food and it is a nice relaxed atmosphere for a party.
ChefJune May 11, 2017
It also allows you to serve steak without the expense of the deluxe cuts.
PHIL May 10, 2017
What about a fajita bar. You can get a lot done ahead of time. make or buy , guac and salsa. grill or oven cook steak , ( skirt , flank or london broil are all easy) you can marinate the steaks or buy them marinated already. also buy some shrimp ,marinate in the morning and saute in a frying pan. Cut up the toppings , onions, lettuce, peppers , cilantro, limes, chedder cheese, corn etc.. warm the flour and/or corn tortillas. buy margarita mix and make a big batch ahead and maybe some Coronas. Good luck! Get most done ahead and you can enjoy the party.
Niknud May 10, 2017
Good idea! Taco/fajita bar - you could also add a batch of rice and beans for those that aren't meat eaters. Use your warming tray to keep the tortillas warm.
creamtea May 9, 2017
you can do a lime and garlic marinated and grilled, sliced London broil Vietnamese style salad (soft lettuce, noodles, soy or fish sauce-garlic-lime juice dressing, shredded herbs like mint, basil and scallion). this is served cool and can be prepped ahead of time. Or, back to the 90s, lime-and garlic marinated steak, grilled to rare, sliced and served with sautéed red and green peppers-and-onions as fajitas.
HalfPint May 9, 2017
Need more details:
1. how many people?
2. what kind of kitchen and/or equipment do you have?

It will help to avoid recipes or suggestions that wouldn't work for you and your set up. Like steak would not be recommended if you've got like 20 people coming and have no grill.

Given the info that you've provided so far, I would recommend a shrimp/crab boil like this one,

Seems scalable for a 'crowd of people'.
leeannadoss May 10, 2017
There is about 20 people and I have a kitchen fully stocked stove and all and also an outdoor kitchen grill,stove top,etc
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