If a recipe calls for 4 cups of mushrooms, chopped, assuming that I chop and then measure (and not the measure and then chop)?



Susan W. May 13, 2017
I read it as measure then chop. Otherwise, it would read 4 cups of chopped mushrooms. Mushrooms are very forgiving in recipes, so either will be fine.
hardlikearmour May 13, 2017
Interesting, and confusing. The way the sentence is formatted I would measure then chop. If the recipe said "4 cups of chopped mushrooms" I'd chop then measure. This is a good argument by using weights rather than volumes for recipes!
StevenJC123 May 13, 2017
Thank you hardlikearmour. I just revisited the exact language from page 90 of the Food52 Vegan cookbook "4 cups (280g) chopped cremini mushrooms"
Susan W. May 13, 2017
I agree HLA.
ChefJune May 13, 2017
Unless the recipe tells you otherwise, You should chop first and then measure.
Lainie May 13, 2017
I would always chop and then measure - 4 C of whole mushrooms would be a big difference from 4C of chopped mushrooms.
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