Cooking frozen calzones.

I made and froze single-serving calzones a few months ago, and I want to have them for dinner tonight. The original recipe (from New Basics) called for baking at 500F for 20-25 minutes. Going straight from the freezer into the oven, how much cooking time should I add? Or would it be better to thaw them?

  • Posted by: LisaD
  • May 15, 2017
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1 Comment

My F. May 15, 2017
I think what's best will depend on whether you par-baked the calzones originally. When I do similar things for fast meals or lunches to go I bake them as if I were to eat them then but 5-10 minutes less than fully cooked. Then cool on the counter freeze on a drying rack overnight and then bag. If you've done anything like that then I've found the best results baking from frozen at around 375 for 15-20 minutes.

If you did not previously bake them, you may have some issues with the dough Specifically, the yeast has probably been killed, so the dough wont expand in the oven. But that doesn't mean they won't still be tasty! If completely unbaked I would thaw fully on the counter top then bake in the hot oven, 500 isn't necessary if the yeast HAS been killed but whatever seems good to you and then bake until crusty. My last thought is that you may get extra steam from the dampness of defrosting so I would also poke some holes on top of each so the dough shell doesn't get ruptured.
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