i am going to make a #lasagna any good tips



Peanut March 6, 2011
Try skillet lasagna! It's easy, quick, and doesn't require dirtying multiple bowls and pans. I just posted the recipe.
purpleravioli February 15, 2011
Bechamel baby bechamel
nannydeb February 14, 2011
Whatever sauce and ingredients your choose, it's very easy to build, cover, refrigerate and bake when you need it. Just pull it out of the fridge an hour or so before you plan to cook it. And letting it cool for about 10-15 minutes before serving will help when you go to cut it.
Queen O. February 14, 2011
Lots of good choices for layers out there. It's an easy dish to make vegetarian. One hint is leave 15 minutes cooling time before serving. A) it will be much easier to dish out (assuming you make it casserole style, rather than individual servings); and B) You're much less likely to burn the heck out of your mouth.
AmyW February 14, 2011
I always use the no-boil noodles because 1) less fuss, 2) the results are always perfectly cooked al dente noodles.
pierino February 14, 2011
In Italy, say Emilia-Romagna, the lasagne are far less heavily sauced than they are in the US. Say, thin layers of bechamel, sauce bolognese, maybe ricotta, and lasagna noodle (which means leaf) baked with a little crispness on the outside edge.
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