Side and salad to go with pumpkin lasagna?

I am doing a post-Thanksgiving dinner (yet still in a Thanksgiving spirit) for a group of friends. I promised my daughter to make her favorite pumpkin lasagna (pumpkin or butternut squash, bacon, Italian sausage, sage, tomato, bechamel, nutmeg and parmesan). I would like to add an interesting side dish and salad, but have a hard time finding a good pairing, because lasagna is so complex and loaded with flavors. What do you recommend?



LisaD November 23, 2016
I am making a brussels sprouts slaw for our family's traditional turkey dinner that I think would be a terrific side for your lasagna. It has thin-sliced brussels sprouts, chopped dates and hazelnuts, and a cider vinegar dressing. Could easily be adapted to other ingredients.
Nancy November 19, 2016
Appetizer - small bites of something wìth a sharp or slightly bitter edge...maybe eggplant, endive, olive or artichoke (little or no bread bc the main dish is strong on grain).
Salad - something in the French style, served after the main, as a palate cleanser and transition to coffee or dessert. Watercress or arugula with oranges and onions in a classic vinaigrette.
Rhonda35 November 19, 2016
Lots of good suggestions below...what I want to know is: where can I find your pumpkin lasagna recipe? It sounds delicious! :-)
QueenSashy November 19, 2016
This is the lasagna I described
Rhonda35 November 20, 2016
Thank you, QueenSashy!
WabiSabiSab November 18, 2016
I'd either go super simple - maybe blanched green bean salad and a fresh green salad with minimal toppings, maybe sliced almonds?

Or go Italian and make a brussels sprouts caesar? Great recipe here on Food52.
Ali S. November 18, 2016
Agree, you don't need much! Some ideas for light things to cut the richness:

And then something punchy:
QueenSashy November 18, 2016
Nancy W. November 18, 2016
Our family enjoys this salad in the fall.
QueenSashy November 18, 2016
I was thinking something with pears, apples and blue cheese. Thank you!
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