A question about a recipe: One-Pot Pastalaya

I have a question about the recipe "One-Pot Pastalaya" from inpatskitchen. What would be the best substitute for chicken in this recipe? I'm making it for someone who is deathly allergic to chicken.

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Recipe question for: One-Pot Pastalaya


Nancy May 21, 2017
Don't know your timing, and this may be too late.
Other ideas:
1) veal, if you eat it and can find humanely raised meat
2) other birds (if the allergy isn't to all fowl or poultry):
* turkey
* grouse
* quail
* squab
* pheasant
inpatskitchen May 18, 2017
Hi Laura! You could replace the chicken with pork (maybe tenderloin?) or simply leave it out and add extra sausage and shrimp to the dish.
Laura C. May 18, 2017
Perfect! Thank you :) I am very excited to try this dish, both way's, chicken and no chicken.
inpatskitchen May 18, 2017
Thank YOU Laura! Sure hope you enjoy!
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