Molly Yeh's Dark Chocolate Marzipan Scone Loaf

In the ingredients list for this loaf, it calls for 2 c flour, plus more for dusting. However, in the instructions, it never tells you what to "dust" with the extra flour. I thought it might be for preparing the pan prior to adding the batter, but the only loaf-pan prep called for is lining it with parchment. My question is two-fold: (1) what is the extra flour for and (2) should I be greasing and flouring the pan as part of the prep. Thanks!



Nancy May 20, 2017
If you look at her original recipe (2014 on her web site), the flour for dusting was for rolling out the scones.
When she converted the recipe to a loaf, the ingredient stayed...but now with no purpose.
Unless you take the option to bake ss scones.
Rhonda35 May 21, 2017
Hi Nancy! Thank you for the clarification. I didn't make that connection about the flour - totally makes sense - thank you! (PS - I winged it and it worked out fine!)
Kristen M. May 20, 2017
Thanks for catching that! I'm not sure myself why it's there, and I've never greased or dusted the pan when testing this (though it would't hurt anything it you did), so I just removed that bit from the recipe. Sorry for the confusion!
Rhonda35 May 20, 2017
Thanks, Kristen! I was in the middle of giving the recipe a try, so I went ahead and greased/dusted the pan/parchment. Worked out fine, yet I agree that it was unnecessary.
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