unripe cherries

I bought a bag of cherries tonight but they are not ripe. The internet tells me that they likely never will be. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do with them?



caninechef May 30, 2017
I wondered about the basic premise of this question when first posted. I have eaten a lot of cherries in my life and they always seemed to ripen after purchase. I suppose if they where pale rocks when purchased they might never progress satisfactorily. I don't think all the cherries shipped to the northeast from Michigan or the Northwest leave the trees at peak eating ripeness. Anyway the ones purchased over the weekend confirmed my belief that cherries ripen and they had to move to the refrigerator this AM.
Catherine May 28, 2017
I ended up roasting them as per Sarah's suggestion and we had them with almond crepes and cream cheese for breakfast. Thank you for your suggestions, I will keep them in mind should I ever make the same mistake again :)
QueenSashy May 27, 2017
You could pickle them and use in salads.
HalfPint May 22, 2017
Candy them:

Sarah J. May 21, 2017
I would roast them, then blend them into a smoothie (https://food52.com/recipes/37018-spiced-roasted-cherry-smoothie) or an ice cream base! You can add spices and lemon zest to give them some more flavor, too.
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