how do you get the crust to be buttery like pizza hut crust airy and buttery.

  • Posted by: lena
  • May 22, 2017


Sam1148 May 22, 2017
The best answer is a link to another site. But you'll need some hardware and some time, as it's a 'no kneed' recipe that requires a cast iron pan...well two really as it's a double recipe. Tho, some have used cake pans.
Mix up the flour and yeast the night before...a very rough mix. Cover with plastic wrap...24 hours later. Press it in a oiled cast iron it an hour. Decorate it and put in a screaming hot oven for 15 mins or so.
This is the recipe you're looking for.

It is very buttery tasting without butter.
PieceOfLayerCake May 22, 2017
Since the mechanism of fat is that of shortening gluten, real butter is going to work against structure and air. As HalfPint pointed out, the butter flavor in Pizza Hut's pizza is just imitation butter flavoring (among many other artificial ingredients/chemicals). Some pizza shops use more of a buttery pastry for the crust than a bread dough, but they achieve a flaky, crackery texture rather than an airy one.

I like the idea of butter brushed on the crust, but I'll add that if you want maximum butter flavor, brush it on before AND after.
HalfPint May 22, 2017
Pizza hut uses a butter-flavored cooking spray on their pizzas (got this from a number of food forum commenters who either worked at PH or had a relative who worked for them). If you want real butter flavor, try brushing melted butter on the crust before or after you bake.
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