Made Dorie Greenspan's World Peace/Korova cookies. Have made them many times before with no problem. This time, even though refrigerated dough, etc. they bubbled and flattened ridiculously in oven. Used a store brand butter for the first time, White Rose. Is that the culprit? Does it have too high a moisture content for cookies? Thanks.

  • Posted by: rwheat
  • February 15, 2011


susan G. February 16, 2011
I was just reminded of a time when I made a tried and true cookie recipe, but in my days of innocence put it under the broiler -- making unusually large and thin cookies! I'm sure you didn't do that.
Nora February 16, 2011
It kills me to admit it, but I've come to accept that when an old and familiar recipe flops, it was probably because I forgot something, added it twice etc. Not saying that's the problem here, just saying if the bread didn't rise, it's probably because the phone rang before I added the yeast.
rwheat February 15, 2011
Thanks for all the comments. Have made the recipe dozens of times over the years with the same ingredients and same mixing process and chilling and baking process. Can make them in my sleep at this point. ;) I've always used block butter from Sam's club, Plugra or Land of Lakes. This was the first time I ever used White Rose private label butter. That was the only thing I could think of that was different and hadn't experienced texture differences because of butter before.

I'll try them again and report back. Thanks so much for all your comments. It's a fabulous recipe and I would recommend you try it if you haven't yet before -
spiffypaws February 15, 2011
How do they taste? If they taste off (soapy or metallic) it could be the leavening agent that you used, or maybe you added too much?
mrslarkin February 15, 2011
Lots of possible reasons why the cookies spread too much.

Curious if the dough very cold - chilled for at least 3 hrs.

I've never made these cookies but sounds like the recipe makes a really crumbly dough. It seems very possible to over-mix the butter, especially if using super-soft butter, and ending up with a smooth dough as opposed to crumbly, which would affect the spread.
lemontart February 15, 2011
You might have over blended the sugar and butter, encorporating too much air.
susan G. February 15, 2011
Is it possible you used baking soda (or powder) rather than baking powder (or soda)?
hardlikearmour February 15, 2011
As far as cookie texture goes, added sugar makes them spread more. Added baking soda makes them bubble more so you get a coarser crust. Is it at all possible you mis-measured anything? I know for myself that after I've made something multiple times, I sometimes trust my memory more than I should.
drbabs February 15, 2011
You're welcome. I was actually thinking that the actual temperature could be off, even though the oven was pre-heated. My oven runs a little cold, and when I forget that and don't crank up the temperature a little, it does all sorts of nasty things to whatever I'm baking. But you're probably right about the butter.
rwheat February 15, 2011
Dr Babs, oven was properly pre-heated and the cookies were sliced cold, as they should be. Have never had this issue before, so all I can think of is the butter brand. So disappointing, had no idea that butters had different moisture content. Guess can't use that brand for cookies, only for cake and stovetop. Thanks for your reply.
drbabs February 15, 2011
That's probably it. Also, check your oven. If the temperature is off, it could cause the cookies to spread before they firm up.
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