Cookie recipes with egg whites?

I often have leftover egg whites in my freezer, and am looking to make some cookies. Anyone have any great cookie recipes that use up egg whites? Thanks!



TheFritschKitchen June 9, 2015
Smitten Kitchen has a delicious dark chocolate coconut macaroon recipe on her website. Those (or her chocolate chip meringues) are my go tos whenever I have egg whites to get rid of!
Brain H. June 8, 2015
Moroccan almond cookies are so easy; my recipe is adapted from Chef Lahlou of the New Moroccan Cookbook:
magpiebaker June 8, 2015

These are wonderful!
ChefJune June 8, 2015
One of my favorite cookies -- that also used a lot of egg whites -- is the famous Italian Pignoli cookies. i'm not where my recipe is right now, but I'd be glad to share. OTOH, you could probably find it on
creamtea June 8, 2015
I've made these lovely almond-lemon macaroons from Joan NathanL
creamtea June 8, 2015
Umm, I mean Joan Nathan!
PieceOfLayerCake June 8, 2015
Almond rochers from Tartine have always been a favorite of mine.
Nancy June 8, 2015
almond meringues from Sardinia
cookbookchick June 8, 2015
cookbookchick June 8, 2015
Brutti ma Buoni --Italian "Ugly but Good" cookies. There lots of recipes online, including from Mari Batali and others. Mario's recipe calls for 7 egg whites.
nancy E. June 8, 2015
Simply merinque kisses. Yum and easy
Lmkltk June 8, 2015
Francois Payard has a lovely chocolate walnut cookie recipe.
dinner A. June 9, 2015
I suspect this is the recipe you're talking about, and it's a favorite of mine:
I've made it often without the cocoa nibs (still great) and once or twice substituting sunflower seeds for the walnuts, or just leaving them out (for a nut-allergic friend).
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