Food photography class in NY for high school students?

I'm currently in tenth grade and would love to learn more about food photography and styling. Does anyone have any suggestions for food photography classes for high-school students in NYC?

  • Posted by: Hannah
  • May 31, 2017


Lindsay-Jean H. June 2, 2017
Hi Hannah, I asked some of our photographers and one suggested seeing if ICE had anything. I also found this old thread on the topic -- -- maybe some responses are still relevant. Good luck!
Lindsay-Jean H. June 5, 2017
And one more response from another one of our photographers, Bobbi Lin: "There is also ICP in NYC. The classes are expensive but the facilities and equipment for students are great. And sometimes they have working food/lifestyle photographers teach. I would also look into popular food blogs. Lots of them reveal techniques. This list is a good place to start:"
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