Liberté Méditerranée yogurt for frozen yogurt

I assume this is a product that is only available in Canada - have any Canadians out there used this yogurt for frozen yogurt? For anyone else reading this, it is 9% milk fat, so I think it would work well. Thoughts?



Bevi June 5, 2017
We have Liberte in Vermont. It is delicious and I use it interchangeably with Fage yogurt.
Jennifer W. June 4, 2017
We have Liberte in the southeast US- its soooo good and now that you mention it I want to make some popsicles out of it! Great idea!
Catherine June 4, 2017
I made a recipe called "yogurt ice cream" where you drain the yogurt for a few hours first and then add cream, sugar, and vanilla. It is really, really good with the Méditerranée. I have been making it with Greek yogurt for the last few weeks but it is much creamier this time.

If you haven't had it and you can get it, try the lemon flavour :)
Nancy June 5, 2017
Catherine - glad it worked! And thanks for the tip on the lemon flavour...yes our stores have it, but I have yet to try.
Nancy June 3, 2017
This is a quality brand and the three or four flavors I've tasted were very good.
Also, fat level is in same range (+/- 10%) as Greek yogurt in some recipes for frozen yogurt, so I think it would work well.
PieceOfLayerCake June 3, 2017
Well...custard most certainly has a higher fat content and it freezes into ice cream beautifully!
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