Is there anyway I could switch peanut butter to nutella or something? Severe peanut allergy, fine with hazelnuts. Neither almond butter or plain h...

...azelnut butter is a thing in my country

Fredrik Backman
Party-Trick Peanut Butter Cake
Recipe question for: Party-Trick Peanut Butter Cake


cassiebdc April 19, 2021
What is flavorless oil?
dinner A. June 7, 2017
I think tahini would be really good as a variation.
Nancy June 6, 2017
On the one hand, I would grind my own hazelnuts, similar to what foofaraw suggested, or even crush them finely in a bag (with a rolling pin or empty wine bottle) and add to the recipe. Why? because the nutella will have about double the carbs & sugar, and about 2/3 the fat, of the original.
On the other hand, why not? The original peanut butter measure only 1/2 cup and a substitution is unlikely to change the recipe much.
On the third hand, why not ask Molly directly?
foofaraw June 5, 2017
If you have almond/cashew, you can grind them (roasted or unroasted, though roasted is tastier) in food processor to make almond/cashew butter. Cashew will have slightly more oil, so you probably need to reduce the oil a bit.
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