What is better nutella or almond butter?

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LeBec F. April 12, 2012
nutella is disgusting! all sugar, and palm oil not good for you. almond butter is clean and all nut flavor. hazelnut butter with your own added chocolate would be sooo much better than nutella.and a cinch to make. imo of course.
ChefOno April 12, 2012

Not to quibble but I don't see anything onerous -- nothing *partially* hydrogenated.

"Ingredients: sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey (milk), lecithin as emulsifier (soy), vanillin."

I think some years ago, during the great trans-fat purge, the product was reformulated.
ahstone April 10, 2012
Tomayto, Tomahto.
EmilyNunn April 10, 2012
Oh my god: no-brainer. Nutella!
Panfusine April 10, 2012
ALmond butter any day (assuming its the freshly ground up stuff.. )
Nutella is a commercial product with a generous glop of hydrogenated oils yada yada..added on..
TheFritschKitchen April 10, 2012
Personally, I love nutella... but the best spread? Biscoff spread, if you can find it! Basically a spreadable cookie, you know, if you're into that kind of thing... :)

susan G. April 8, 2012
Good almond butter is made from almonds and nothing else, so you get all the nutrition of the nuts. The amount of hazelnuts in the nutella is almost negligible, so consider it in the category of jam -- delicious chocolate jam.
amysarah April 8, 2012
Kind of apple : oranges....almond butter is like peanut butter - generally not notably sweet; nutella is a chocolate-y sweet spread. So what's better depends on your preference and what you're doing with it.
amysarah April 8, 2012
Forgot to say: nutella is made with hazelnuts, so it also depends on which nut strikes your fancy. (And we really need an edit button here!)
hardlikearmour April 8, 2012
Depends on what you like better!
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