What can I use to replace powdered coconut nut cream (vegan only please)

My recipe calls for 1/3 of a cup of powdered soy, coconut, or rice milk. I don't have access to any of these in Canada, and I'm baking tomorrow. I really need a substitute. Please help!

  • Posted by: cedar
  • June 6, 2017


Nancy June 6, 2017
In Toronto; I've seen powdered soy milk in regular groceries, health food stores and bulk food chains.
Web search turns up same for dried rice milk.
Dried coconut milk is available at Walnart & Jamaican stores, maybe also at Indian ones
If none available to you locally or in time, use a fine nut powder if the recipe needs a dry ingredient or a soy, coconut or rice milk if a liquid one.
cedar June 7, 2017
ok, thank you!
creamtea June 6, 2017
could you let us know what you are making? Is the powdered coconut milk to be reconstituted with water? Is it an enrichment for a batter?
cedar June 7, 2017
No, it's actually for a maple frosting for cupcakes
cedar June 6, 2017
sorry when i said cream, I meant milk
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