Any suggestions on what to serve with this?



PieceOfLayerCake June 9, 2017
I like light, crisp, tangy salads/slaws with pasta. I like to shred up things like brussels sprouts, kale, fennel, shallot, blanched asparagus, green apple, etc....and toss it with a citrusy vinaigrette. Crisp and bright pairs well with carby and fatty.
Stephanie June 9, 2017
And I just noticed that, in the recipe, the last line says, "Serve immediately with a big green salad."
Stephanie June 9, 2017
For a lunch or light dinner, it could easily stand alone. If you are thinking picnic or larger dinner, you could grill some chicken breasts or pork chops. If you want to pair it with a side (or two) I'd suggest something green...
- Quickly sauteed green beans (sautee garlic and onion first for more flavor)
- A mixed greens and herb salad with balsamic and oil
- Grilled asparagus

Rebecca June 9, 2017
Awesome! I was considering a simple mixed greens and herb salad with a little goat cheese and lightly glazed pecans. Many thanks! :)
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