I am having clam pan roast for dinner tomorrow. What you suggest

to serve along with it? I'm wide open to all suggestions.

Stephanie G


pierino September 15, 2011
I agree with Sam on the corn. That would have been my first thought, and if you have a means to grill it, even better.
Sam1148 September 15, 2011
Roasted corn on the cob (if you can find it fresh). A corn salad with lime and olive oil, parsley.
Flat bread with herbs. Side salad.
Blanched green beans with rosemary and prosciutto ham: Simmer some olive oil, rosemary and garlic..remove the herbs..cook the ham, cut into matchsticks..and toss with the blanched green beans and top serve at warm/room temp with dusting of bread crumbs, and shaved Parmesan cheese.
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