I have some asparagus I bought at the market and would like to use in this dish. Do you think this is a good idea/how should I go about this?

  • Posted by: Jenny
  • June 28, 2014


Jeri J. June 3, 2017
I know that question is old, but I think tender crisp asparagus would be fine added! A lot of alterations or additions work with this recipe!
Jenny June 28, 2014
The addition of asparagus was a success! I lightly sautéed smaller pieces of asparagus then added it to the rest of the 'sauce' while the pasta cooked (I'm working with a small, limited kitchen in my summer apartment). I think it added a nice touch of crisp green to the dish. My only complaint is I did not well adjust the amount of basil and garlic to a dinner for one and they slightly overpowered the dish.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 28, 2014
I would cook it with the pasta for a few minutes towards the end and then proceed with the recipe.
PazzoNico June 28, 2014
Considering the marinade time, I might even opt for leaving the asparagus raw; shaved with a vegetable peeler or sliced very thin on a hard bias. It'll add some textural contrast to the rest of the ingredients.
Merrill S. June 28, 2014
Sauteeing them should work. This should be an interesting flavor combination -- let us know how it turns out!
thirteenJ June 28, 2014
roast (400 oven) or grill the asparagus for a little crispy before cutting up and adding
Jenny June 28, 2014
Thanks! I don't have an oven or grill... I hope sautéing them quick will do the trick.
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