reheating grilled meat and grilled vegetables in oven

We are hosting a fajita bar after the final ballet show for 50+ people. I want the food heating in the oven during the show. Looking for advice on oven temp that will heat the grilled chicken, pork and vegetables for 4.5 hours, is 250 degrees adequate? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Posted by: CarlaM
  • June 10, 2017


caninechef June 12, 2017
Reconsidering menu to something more aligned with crock pots and cold platters might be of benefit. Or perhaps the hired assistant to turn an oven on and get other things started. Fajita bar seems like something that benefits a lot from a fresh off the grill presentation. If nothing else if you are talking about reheating food for 50 plus people in a home oven you are either going to get stuff very overcook or at best steamed. Better to serve a great example of a menu with easier requirements than an ambitious menu with impossible logistics.
PHIL June 12, 2017
Do you have a crock pot or access to a microwave? A couple of crock pots set to warm may do the trick. I don't know what veggies you are making but you might be able to hit them under the broiler. They will heat up in minutes if you put them on a sheet pan. That might also work for the meat. The broiler can get some quick heat on the food without drying out.
Nancy June 11, 2017
Whether you stick with the fajitas or change the menu, 4+ hours is too long for most foods.
With that length of time & number of people, better to have someone in the house for an hour or so to heat up and lay out food, then help with clean-up. Family member, competent local teenager or hired-on staff?
MMH June 10, 2017
Do you have a programable oven?
PieceOfLayerCake June 10, 2017
I feel like this would be your only bet. Have an oven set to go off at a specific time and reheat the food at the last minute. 250F is a cooking temperature, so you'd wind up with shoe leather if you left it to heat for that long. Fajitas are meant to be seared off last minute and served screaming hot. Maybe that wasn't your best option to begin with.
PieceOfLayerCake June 10, 2017
Eesh, I feel like keeping any food at a hot temperature for 4.5 hours would overcook it massively. Are you looking to fully cook the food and then keep it hot for 4.5 hours?
CarlaM June 10, 2017
The food will be fully cooked and refrigerated the day before. Want to put the food in the oven when we leave for the show and have it ready about 4.5 hours later.
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