Can I let the Genius Peasant Bread Rest Longer?

I have time to let it rest longer but to learn a new recipe. Can I let to rest overnight. Any tips would be appreciated thank you.

Diego de la Torre


Nancy June 11, 2017
Could you provide a link to recipe and/or tell us what you are letting rest? Is it dough in 1st rise, 2nd rise, shaped load in third rise?
Generally, dough can be left 7 hr at room or fridge temp, but not unattended. It will need (depending on how much yeast is in it) to be pubched down once or twice, or the yeast will loose much of its raising power.
Nancy June 11, 2017
"punched down"
Nancy June 11, 2017
PS shaped loaf will do poorly at 7 hr room temp. If you can't bake it once it double in volume, then shape and freeze, fir bakjng at a later date.
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