Not sure if my question got submitted- 1) Would it be ok if I add parsley as well along with mint and cilantro? I used it last time (it was a diff...

...erent recipe for falafels) and I am a big fan of herbs. Don’t want to overdo it though. 2) If I make the batter today and freeze it, and fry after 2 days would that be ok? For how many days can I make the patties and keep them

Sneha Gupta


Sneha G. June 24, 2017
I tried them last week and they turned out so well! I shall be making these often!
Sneha G. June 19, 2017
Thankyou so much :) I am trying in tonight actually :)
Lindsay-Jean H. June 19, 2017
You might have already made them, but for the next time here are tips for freezing them:
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