How long will this sauce keep in the fridge?

Michel Guérard's Sauce Vierge
Recipe question for: Michel Guérard's Sauce Vierge


702551 June 21, 2017
There's nothing about this recipe that requires one to make a full portion.

You are free to make smaller portions more often to suit your intake. This type of sauce is fairly flexible in its proportions, you can reduce fairly easily without worrying about converting and measuring to the last gram/milliliter.

I'm single, so I would definitely just prepare what I would enjoy in one or two servings rather than try to figure out a way to make this last an entire week or force myself to make multiple dishes before this sauce loses its fresh appeal.
702551 June 21, 2017
The basic concept of this sauce is capture the freshness of tomatoes and herbs in a lightly cooked preparation, barely enough to cook the tomatoes through. Note the vivid colors of the herbs in the finished sauce.

My guess is that this sauce will keep about a week in the fridge, but one may notice a drop in quality/freshness after 2-3 days, and the herbs will start to brown, reducing some of the aesthetic character of this fresh sauce.

Whether or not you feel the loss of quality is acceptable will be your call.
chez_mere June 21, 2017
Thanks for the input! I agree it's definitely the sort of sauce that is best enjoyed fresh, but since the recipe makes a lot and I am normally only cooking for 1 medical student (or myself haha), it's good to know I can enjoy the leftovers for a little bit :)
Kristen M. June 21, 2017
Yes, I agree with cv that it can hang out for a few days in the fridge, but will get less fresh in taste and texture (and looks) over time. The olive oil also might solidify in the fridge, but you can just warm it or let it come down to room temperature. But the best thing about this sauce is its flexibility, so you can make it with only a tomato or two if you like, and add everything else to taste—it's tough to go wrong.
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