Do I use salt or unsalted butter?

Salinas Rocio
Perfect Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Perfect Chocolate Cake


ChefJune June 27, 2017
Bake and cook with unsalted butter. Serve that delicious, expensive salted butter with your homemade bread and biscuits!
BerryBaby June 26, 2017
I understand newer recipes specify unsalted or salted butter. I grew up in a time where there was only one butter. The other day I was thinking about this as I'm going through my old Betty Crocker cookbook. All the recipes just say butter. We had a milkman delivery and he brought milk (whole), cream, cottage cheese(whole) and butter. He'd yell, "Milkman!" As he approached the porch and place the items in the milk box. I miss those days but no matter what new recipes state, I still use regular butter, salted as it is called today. I make no adjustments and everything comes out tasting delicious! Guess I'm old school. BB
Posie (. June 26, 2017
Unsalted! Always unsalted for baking unless specifically stated otherwise (or dial back the salt called for).
Debra B. June 27, 2017
We always use unsalted butter for all our cooking, that way you can control the amount and tast of any dish, or add other herbs/spices for brighter flavor. You can freeze butter for up to 4 months.
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